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Welcome to Changing Brains

University of Oregon Brain Development Lab

What can you do for children to help them develop to their full potential?

Did you know that virtually every aspect of the development of the human brain is shaped by experience?

Imagine how beneficial it would be if everyone who cares for children knew something about how and when experience shapes the development of the brain.

Imagine how beneficial it would be if every claim that is made about how to best care for children were backed up by solid scientific evidence.

Changing Brains is a science program for non-scientists, featuring information and practical recommendations based on scientific evidence for parents, educators, and policymakers...anyone who cares for children.

In this DVD you will learn about the brain, how it develops, the methods used to study its structures and function, and how experience shapes the brain systems important for:


I can envision several parents watching the DVD together: the discussion would be fun and exciting. I can also see where professionals could learn from the DVD.

Annie Soto, Executive Director, Head Start of Lane County, Oregon

...fascinating and very original in form and presentation—and exactly the way to present (brain) science to non-scientists.

Oliver Sacks, M.D., Noted author and neurologist

Family medicine physicians are one of the gate keepers of child development. It is necessary for them to recognize developmental problems early in children and be able to provide the resources to parents. This is a great resource not just for parents but for all involved in the lives of children. I have used the concepts in this DVD for parental guidance with my patients, I believe it provides a better understanding to parents than simple stating of developmental goals.

Ashlee Weimar, Family Practice MD

This is a fabulous resource for parents and children. I would be ecstatic if my pediatric patients and their parents had access to this program so I could spend less time explaining how development works and more time talking about how things are actually going with learning and development.

Trisha Eckman, Family Practice MD